YSSR Statement – November 1, 2022

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It has come to our attention that there is some misinformation circulating within our community says that YSSR is “on strike”.  

YSSR and our dedicated volunteers remain trained, equipped, ready, and willing to assist as usual. Our driving goal remains, as it always has been, to serve our community. We are available to assist police and public safety agencies with public safety situations and lost person incidents (including with our Project Lifesaver program). YSSR can only be activated by police and public safety agencies – we never self-activate for a search. If you or someone you know is lost, please call 911 immediately.   

At this time, our membership with our provincial representative association is considered suspended while we address administrative issues. While we work diligently to resolve these issue we want to ensure that our community is aware that we are still here to serve you. 

Thank you for your support. 


Bradley Parker, President  

York Sunbury Search and Rescue