York Sunbury Search and Rescue: 100% volunteer-operated, available to respond 24/7/365.

An individual can go missing anytime, anywhere, regardless of their age, experience, or condition.

People do not go out expecting to get lost, but in our province of dense forest, it is easy to get turned around or take a wrong path.  When an individual is reported missing, time is a crucial factor. Every hour a person is lost, chances of survival decrease.


York Sunbury Search and Rescue (YSSR) is 1 of 9 ground search and rescue teams in New Brunswick.

Our dedicated volunteers participate in ongoing training to obtain and hone skills necessary to respond to searches, and commit their time, resources, and unique skills to do their best to ensure an effective search is conducted.


When an individual goes missing, YSSR is activated by police agencies. Our members rendezvous on location—whether it’s midnight, the middle of the work day, or a holiday—prepared to search for an unknown amount of time. 


A successful search is much more than simply sending a large group of people out to search an area. Using a variety of search methodologies and tactics, our overhead management team directs our search teams out into areas where the lost subject has a high probability of being found.


Our members search in all types of terrain: down valleys and up mountains, through swamps, along shorelines, and through thick brush. We respond regardless of the weather, from the most humid days of summer to the most frigid nights of winter.


Once the lost individual is located, our team provides medical attention and begins the extraction process. This may be a simple walk out, assisting the individual to medical services, bringing emergency medical services to them, or—in extreme circumstances—extraction via helicopter. 

Does YSSR sound like the right volunteer opportunity for you? Join the Team

Non-Operational Roles

Learn about volunteers within YSSR working in non-operational roles. Members in non-operational roles support our team by contributing their time, energy, and unique skills to some of the following functions:

Training & Membership

  • Planning educational events
  • Managing team merchandise for members 
  • Overseeing membership requirements
  • Recruiting new members 
  • Updating member lists
  • Managing member certifications  


  • Bookkeeping
  • Liaising with other teams & public safety offices 
  • Documenting processes 
  • Managing projects
  • Administering IT
  • Reviewing charitable regulations & internal by-laws compliance

Public Relations & Fundraising

  • Planning & attending events in the community
  • Planning and coordinate fundraising activities 
  • Engaging with donors
  • Researching & writing grant proposals
  • Managing website & social media
  • Liaising with press 
  • Developing & maintaining partnerships

Equipment & Transportation

  • Maintaining team vehicles
  • Maintaining & inventorying equipment
  • Researching & purchasing new equipment
  • Maintaining & training drivers for team vehicles 

Daniel Fairbanks


Michelle Blanchard

Vice President

Wayne MacKay


Jeff Justason


Pat Arseneault

Pat Arseneault

Search Commander

Zandra Rubinger

Zandra Rubinger

Equipment Committee Chair

Sam Grant

Training Commitee Chair

Karen Dickinson

Karen Dickinson

Fundraising Committee Chair

Eric Ferguson

Project Lifesaver Chair

Transportation Chair George Derrah

George Derrah

Transportation Committee Chair

Alyssa Lanyi

Public Relations Committee Chair

Bradley Parker

Bradley Parker

IT Committee Chair

David Northrup

David Northrup

AdventureSmart Chair

Jen Woodside

Jen Woodside

Membership Chair