Film Screening to support Volunteer Search & Rescue

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Join us for an exciting film screening to support Volunteer Search & Rescue and help us save lives! We’re gathering at MacLaggan Hall @ UNB for a night of adventure and community. Come and watch the gripping documentary “Where the Rope Ends” that showcases the courageous work of volunteer search and rescue teams.

Thu, Apr 25, 2024, 7:00 PM

MacLaggan Hall at UNB

Ground Search and Rescue Teams in New Brunswick are built entirely of volunteers. Many assume this is a service fully funded for by tax dollars, and are unaware of the sacrifice, training, and heroic acts it takes to be come a member of these teams. Where the Rope Ends is partnering with volunteer organizations around the country to use as an awareness, fundraising, and recruitment tool.

York Sunbury has just celebrated 40 years of service to Fredericton, New Brunswick, and even beyond. Dedicated volunteers on call 24x7x365


In her relentless pursuit of happiness, Nichole found herself drawn to the exhilarating realm of canyoneering. Little did she know that this new daring interest would lead to a life-altering 60-foot fall, during which she would catch a glimpse of the happiness she was chasing.

A perilous volunteer search and rescue mission brought Nichole to safety only to face a new set of challenges and severe physical injuries.

Determined to regain her former life, Nichole disregarded her pain and learnings and continued the repetitive cycle of pushing toward a perceived happiness that was always just out of reach. At her lowest point, Nichole was forced to quit pushing against her reality and to sit still and ultimately uncover the secret path to happiness.

Nichole is driven to bring this film to the masses to support the Search and Rescue organization that gave her life.