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There are a variety of ways you can volunteer with YSSR, both operational and non-operational. For more information on how you can get involved, attend our no-obligation New Member Information Night or continue reading.

So how do I apply?

New member application forms are accepted at any time! To apply, you need to complete and submit an application, waiver, and new member dues. Once onboarded, YSSR will also submit a background check (Criminal Record Check & Vulnerable Sector Check) on your behalf through the RCMP. New YSSR Membership dues are $40, which includes a YSSR shirt. Annual YSSR membership dues are $20. To submit forms and payment, please reach out to our Membership Committee Chair, Jen Woodside, at

We encourage you to attend one of our New Member events as they are designed to provide potential new members with all the information needed in order to determine if YSSR is right for you. The basic training cycle for new members is also scheduled to follow the New Members events.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

Non-Operational Roles

Learn about volunteers within YSSR working in non-operational roles. Members in non-operational roles support our team by contributing their time, energy, and unique skills to some of the following functions:

Training & Membership

  • Planning educational events
  • Managing team merchandise for members 
  • Overseeing membership requirements
  • Recruiting new members 
  • Updating member lists
  • Managing member certifications  


  • Bookkeeping
  • Liaising with other teams & public safety offices 
  • Documenting processes 
  • Managing projects
  • Administering IT
  • Reviewing charitable regulations & internal by-laws compliance

Public Relations & Fundraising

  • Planning & attending events in the community
  • Planning and coordinate fundraising activities 
  • Engaging with donors
  • Researching & writing grant proposals
  • Managing website & social media
  • Liaising with press 
  • Developing & maintaining partnerships

Equipment & Transportation

  • Maintaining team vehicles
  • Maintaining & inventorying equipment
  • Researching & purchasing new equipment
  • Maintaining & training drivers for team vehicles 

Junior Program

Our Junior Program welcomes individuals who are 16-17 years old. The program offers our younger members an opportunity give back to their community, while receiving excellent SAR training. Junior Members participate in all team activities but are restricted support roles only during search incidents. A parent or legal guardian is required to sign a Junior Member’s application form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait until the next New Member Information Night to join?

No, new member applications are accepted at any time! To download forms, click here.

Can I volunteer, but not search?

Absolutely! Members can volunteer in many ways including fundraising, PR events, and administrative support. Check out our Non-Operational Roles.

How much does it cost to join?

New YSSR Membership dues are $40, which this includes a YSSR shirt. Annual YSSR membership dues are $20.

How fit do I need to be?

Operational functions of search and rescue can be physically demanding. You may be asked to search in difficult terrain while carrying a pack for several hours at a time, so awareness of your physical limitations is key.

What kind of time commitment is required?

We ask YSSR members to participate in a variety of meetings, fundraising events, and searches.

  • A search for a lost person is an emergency that can occur 24/7/365. A search tasking usually takes about 4 hours, but if you are available, searches can require 8-12+ hours.
  • There is a general meeting the first Wednesday of every month (1 hour).
  • There is training after the general meeting, and often on additional evenings (each 1 hour).
  • Basic Searcher training, which is required for new members, is conducted over a weekend (15 hours).
  • Fundraising events are conducted throughout the year and are of varying duration.
  • We expect all members to contribute at least 50 hours per year, with at least 25 hours spent on operations or training (does not apply to non-operational members).

What if I can't make a search?

If you are unable to make it to a search, that’s no problem. We understand that it is not always possible to leave work, find childcare, etc. Before you consider joining YSSR as an operational member, please evaluate whether you would be able to attend searches. This is our purpose, and the reason we require a dedicated and trained volunteer base.

Is training mandatory?

We ask all new YSSR members to obtain Basic Searcher training within the first year of joining YSSR. This training is held over a weekend, and scheduled at least twice a year. We also ask all YSSR members to have a valid Standard First Aid certificate within 6 months of joining YSSR. Please provide YSSR with a copy of your certificate. If you do not have a valid First Aid certificate, YSSR does schedule First Aid training.

How far does YSSR travel for searches?

YSSR is called out for more than just searches in the York and Sunbury counties of NB. We are always called out for searches in the Fredericton and surrounding areas, and are often called out to help our sister teams in the Saint John, St. Andrews, and surrounding areas. YSSR has also been asked to help with searches all across NB, as well as searches in PEI, Nova Scotia, and Maine.

Where is the training?

Most training takes place in Fredericton and the surrounding area.

Do YSSR members get paid or reimbursed?

YSSR has no paid positions. For actual searches tasked by the RCMP, we may be reimbursed for travel expenses to and from the search site. Our policy is to carpool when possible.

Do I need to buy any equipment?

You must provide your own weather-appropriate clothing and footwear. YSSR provides compasses, radios, and GPS units for training and search teams. We will provide you with a list of items that are good to have in your pack, but many things are not needed immediately, and can be accumulated over time.

Do I need to have a vehicle?

While it is very useful to have a vehicle to get to training and searches, you could get by without one. When we are called out for a search, we typically meet somewhere first. If you can get to the meeting point via taxi, there would be an opportunity to carpool from there.

Do I need to have internet access and a cell phone?

Most of our communications is done by email, on our web site, or on social media sites. You could get by without internet access, but you would miss out on a lot of what happens with the team. You do not need to have a cell phone.

Are we insured for injury?

Yes, volunteers have basic coverage through the Province of New Brunswick. Make sure you sign in when attending official activities to ensure you are covered.