Your Support Matters

YSSR is a 100% volunteer, charitable, non-profit organization. Our mission is to keep our community safe; your support makes that mission possible.

YSSR is a 100% volunteer, charitable, non-profit organization.

For YSSR to exist, our members donate their time, energy, and skills, and our community donates funds, equipment, and even cans and bottles. Our mission is to keep our community safe; your support makes that mission possible. 

Contributions from our community make it possible for YSSR to train our members, purchase life-saving equipment, and literally keep our lights on.

Here are some examples of how contributions we’ve received have directly impacted our work:


Donations of funds allow us to make purchases that support our mission. From purchasing radios, technical rope equipment, and even our command post vehicle, to establishing new programs like Project Lifesaver, donated funds give us the tools and equipment we need to search safely and efficiently.


Space provided by local businesses and organizations gives us secure storage where we can quickly access our truck, trailer, and equipment, which means we’re able to activate more efficiently and effectively in a lost person event. Access to this kind of location also means we’re able to meet with our team and provide training, keeping our members prepared for activations. 


Items donated by partners help us to equip our team for training exercises, search and rescue activations, and fundraisers. In the past we’ve received items like radios, which allow us to communicate effectively in the field; high-visibility attire and car magnets (with our name), which increase our visibilitwhen performing team activities, particularly near roadways where safety is key; and handwarmers, gloves, and field shelter tools that keep our members warm and dry during activations. 


Services provided by professionals like lawyers and mechanics help us ensure that both our truck and our organization are in good working order. 

Fundraising Support

Participation in fundraising efforts like basket raffles, bottle drives, BBQs, and more help us raise the funds we need to pay our rent, maintain our equipment and vehicle, train our members. Ware lucky to frequently assist in events held by community organizations where our members give their time to contribute to the success of these events in exchange for support for our teamWe are also grateful to individuals who attend our independent fundraising events. 


Promotion of our mission, our important work, and our fundraising efforts by everyone from local radio stations to individuals on social media helps us get the word out about how we help keep our community safe and the support we need to do so. 

Celebrating Contributors

We could not do this work without you.

  • Mayday Group Printing
  • Niki Silver Exit Realty
  • NB Exhibition Center
  • Platinum Salon and Spa
  • Rusagonis ATV Club
  • Sobeys Oromocto
  • Canada Bread Thrift
  • Oromocto Rotary Club
  • Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op
  • Value Village FunDrive
  • Joy FM
  • The Home Depot Fredericton
  • Princess Auto Fredericton
  • Southside Redemption Center
  • Hanwell Rotary
  • Nashwaaksis Lions Club
  • Chipman Firefighters Association
  • Chipman Minto Lions Club
  • Minto Council # 3502
  • Kingswood Fitness
  • The Town of Oromocto
  • A-1 Auto Supplies, Chipman
  • Minto Auto Supplies
  • Chipman Community Bingo
  • Costco Fredericton
  • Robin Hanson’s Art Gallery
  • Blue Canoe, Irving Big Stop
  • Days Inn, Oromocto
  • Warren’s Auto Body, Oromocto
  • Eco Fab Mama
  • Baden Creek Pottery
  • Jungle Jim, Fredericton
  • Snooty Fox, Fredericton
  • St. Louis Bar & Grill, Fredericton
  • Winner’s, Fredericton
  • Scott’s Nursery
  • Armdale Farms
  • Avalon
  • Clay Café
  • Freddy Beach Breaker
  • Bubble Steam Wash
  • Greco Pizza Oromocto
  • Full Stride Solutions
  • Dooley’s Fredericton
  • Avon, Katelyn Taylor
  • Silver Icing, Stephanie Maxwell
  • Manfred’s Auto
  • Loop Style Bows, Amanda McGarthey
  • Chalkin, Kari Kraft
  • Serenity Wellness
  • Exit Realtor, Sheila Mori
  • Fairy Petal Findings
  • KC Critters, David Caissie
  • Norwax, Stephanie Maxwell
  • Mary Kay, Kim Morgan
  • Forget Me Knot Artwork, Emily Ann Mercer
  • SeneGence, Jen Bradley
  • Surface Float
  • Highland Dance
  • Alotte, Magen Hamilton
  • JGEL Moments, Melissa
  • Tim Hortons (Gateway Drive, Oromocto)