YSSR Celebrates 40 Years of Lifesaving Service and Recognizes Outstanding Members

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Oromocto, December 9th, 2023 – In a heartfelt ceremony attended by local MLAs Hon. Mary Wilson and David Coon, RCMP officers, Emergency Measures Organizations officials, local businesses, and even past subjects of their rescues, York Sunbury Search and Rescue marked its 40th-anniversary milestone. The event was a reflection on four decades of dedicated service and recognition of exemplary individuals within the team.

Two standout members, Kenn Hong and George Derrah, were honored for their exceptional contributions. Kenn was bestowed with the prestigious Life Member award and recognized for an impressive 37 years of unwavering service. Meanwhile, George, a founding member, received acclaim for an extraordinary 40 years of commitment to the team, symbolizing a lifetime dedicated to search and rescue efforts.

Kenn’s Life Member award was presented by his daughter, Jade, who also serves as a member of the team. In a touching tribute, she shared anecdotes of being born during a major fundraising event and the unique challenges of growing up with a father dedicated to search and rescue. The ceremony underscored the familial bonds and personal sacrifices made by the team members in their pursuit of serving the community.

As a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers, York Sunbury Search and Rescue relies on

community support and fundraising to sustain its critical operations. The team has demonstrated outstanding dedication, with members collectively volunteering time equivalent to nearly $750,000 in search efforts alone over the past decade. This figure excludes the additional contributions made to training, equipment maintenance, prevention, and community outreach. Anyone wishing to join the team can learn more on our website

“Our team’s achievements are a testament to the extraordinary individuals who selflessly devote their time to our cause,” said Daniel Fairbanks, York Sunbury Search and Rescue President. “We extend our gratitude to our community and the remarkable individuals who choose to stand beside us in ensuring the safety and well-being of our region.”

York Sunbury Search and Rescue expresses profound appreciation for the ongoing support of its community and the exceptional volunteers who continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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George Derrah, founding member, recognized for 40 Years

The letter that sparked four decades of volunteering