2021 With YSSR

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York Sunbury Search and Rescue (YSSR) helps people in need by responding when called upon by agencies of jurisdiction. Our training, equipment, and methodology is all focused on one goal: bring your lost loved one home safely. 

YSSR is a charitable, 100% volunteer-operated organization that works for the prevention and recovery of lost individuals. We are activated by local policing agencies and are available to respond 24/7/365. Made up of 88 members, we are one of the largest of the nine ground search and rescue teams in New Brunswick. 

2021 was a year of adjusting to the “new normal” and learning how best to fulfill our mission and mandates under new, ever-changing circumstances. Our team worked hard to adapt, seeking out new ways to train our members, fundraise, and connect with our community.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, our team got creative and found new ways to meet the needs of our organization and our community. We were able to achieve a hybrid in-person and online setup for our meetings, training exercises, and public events. Our fundraising team got creative by exploring new options to raise money to support our team. Our work with Project Lifesaver International and AdventureSmart clients changed, and we came up with new team mandates that allowed us to continue to effectively serve while keeping our team members and our community safe.


In the past year (December 2020 to December 2021) YSSR was activated 10 times, with 4 being in the YSSR zone and 6 being mutual aid to teams in other zones. These searches totaled to 2,259 person hours: 522 in YSSR’s zone, 1,737 and in mutual aid. We had an average of 19.6 members per activation, with a high of 55 members at one time.




Person Hours

Person Hours by Zone

YSSR's Zone


Mutual Aid Zones


Of course, even better than a successful search is a search that never need happen. We work to prevent at-risk individuals from going missing through Project Lifesaver International (PLI) initiatives and AdventureSmart programs.

Project Lifesaver International

Project Lifesaver International is an initiative that seeks to protect the most vulnerable members of our community: those at risk to wander due to cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, brain injuries, and others. Transmitter bracelets, maintained by YSSR, are worn by PLI clients. If a PLI client goes missing, our team of specially-trained Electronic Search Specialists responds directly, greatly reducing the search area and duration, bringing the client home quickly and safely. Search times for these clients is normally less than 30 minutes, compared to the many hours or days using traditional search methods would require.


Active Clients


Response Kits


Electronic Search Specialists

With 11 new clients joining us throughout 2021, we ended the year with 30 active clients. Our team has grown to include 13 Electronic Search Specialists, specifically trained and equipped for Project Lifesaver searches, and 4 response kits. This past year we increased our Project Lifesaver training exercises within our team, and distributed a training film to the emergency services and policing agencies to increase awareness of how Project Lifesaver can drastically change the nature of a missing person situation.


We are partnered with AdventureSmart to offer a variety of educational programs and presentations focused on giving people in Canada the tools they need to stay safe on their outdoor adventures. These programs include Hug-A-Tree, a program aimed at teaching elementary school aged children how to avoid becoming lost and what to do if they should become lost, as well as programs for adults focused on surviving outdoors, snow and snowmobiling safety, and paddle-driven water craft safety. AdventureSmart also includes the free Trip Plan app which allows users to easily create trip plans and send them to contacts so that if the user ends up in trouble, the contact knows when and where to send help.

This past year we were able to get back into AdventureSmart activity with two in-person Hug-a-Tree presentations and two online Survive Outside presentations. As we better adapt to pandemic safety restrictions we hope to continue with the hybrid format in 2022.

YSSR is comprised of volunteer members who dedicate their time, energy, and skills to making our community a better and safer place. 


In 2021 we were fortunate to gain 24 new members. Following the success of the new format of our New Member events in 2020 - an open training event that invites those interested in joining the team to stop by for information and see the team in action - we hosted two more in 2021.

The hours total listed below is pulled from our formal hours log; our members also volunteer their time informally for some tasks, which aren't tracked. We are grateful for their many, many contributions.




Person Hours (tracked)


In 2021 we offered 56 training session amounting to a total of 1,859 person hours. Our training committee worked hard to offer alternatives to our usual training sessions that would be within COVID-19 regulations, including both socially-distanced, in-person training and online training sessions. In addition, we are thrilled to now have a certified First Aid instructor in-house, making our First Aid training sessions more accessible, cost-effective, and focused on the skills we need in the field. We also were able to host a Search Manager training course, attended by representative from multiple teams, with the support of the Town of Oromocto, who generously donated space for the weekend, and the Oromocto Tim Hortons, who kept us fed and caffeinated.

YSSR is a charitable organization and the support of our partners, donors, and community means that our team can remain ready to save lives.

Public Relations

In addition to our regular social media posts, in 2021 we launched our bi-annual newsletter, Compass Points! With two issues and more on the way, Compass Points lets us get more in-depth about our team's activity and upcoming events. We also hosted a Geocaching campaign which featured a contest to encourage new and experienced treasure hunters to enjoy the great outdoors and build navigation skills.

To anyone who shared a Facebook post, liked or commented on our Newsletter, or just mentioned YSSR to your friends and family, thank you! Spreading information about the important work we do makes a huge difference!

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Though many of our usual fundraising events were cancelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were still able to host 8 fundraising events. By using a combination of in-person and online events, like FunDrives, bottle drives, a basket raffle, yard sale, and online auction, we were able to raise money that allows us train our members, purchase equipment, and keep our lights on.

In addition to hosting fundraising events, our Fundraising committee works hard to develop relationships within our community that turn into lasting partnerships. We are grateful to have received donations of equipment and services from businesses throughout the Fredericton and Oromocto area, as well as donations from individuals and social groups. Thank you!

We wouldn’t be able to do any of what we do without the generous contributions of individuals, businesses, and organizations in our community. 

To Our Community

If you purchased merchandise from us, dropped off bottles to our bottle drives, or simply shared news about our fundraising events to your friends and family, you made it possible for us to outlast another year in which non-profits were hit particularly hard. With your support we are able to ensure we have the training, equipment, and administrative structure to fulfill our mission of bringing lost individuals home safely. Thank you for everything.

A special thank you to:

Mayday Group Printing

Niki Silver Exit Realty

NB Exhibition Center

Platinum Salon and Spa

Rusagonis ATV Club

Sobeys Oromocto

Canada Bread Thrift

Oromocto Rotary Club

Fredericton Direct Charge Co-op

Value Village FunDrive

Joy FM

The Home Depot Fredericton

Princess Auto Fredericton

Southside Redemption Center

Hanwell Rotary

Nashwaaksis Lions Club

Chipman Firefighters Association

Chipman Minto Lions Club

Minto Council # 3502

Kingswood Fitness

The Town of Oromocto

A-1 Auto Supplies, Chipman

Minto Auto Supplies

Chipman Community Bingo

Costco Fredericton

Robin Hanson’s Art Gallery

Blue Canoe, Irving Big Stop

Days Inn, Oromocto

Warren’s Auto Body, Oromocto

Eco Fab Mama

Baden Creek Pottery

Jungle Jim, Fredericton

Snooty Fox, Fredericton

St. Louis Bar & Grill, Fredericton

Winner’s, Fredericton

Scott’s Nursery

Armdale Farms


Clay Café

Freddy Beach Breaker

Bubble Steam Wash

Full Stride Solutions

Dooley’s Fredericton

Avon, Katelyn Taylor

Silver Icing, Stephanie Maxwell

Manfred’s Auto

Loop Style Bows, Amanda McGarthey

Chalkin, Kari Kraft

Serenity Wellness

Exit Realtor, Sheila Mori

Fairy Petal Findings

KC Critters, David Caissie

Norwax, Stephanie Maxwell

Mary Kay, Kim Morgan

Forget Me Knot Artwork, Emily Ann Mercer

SeneGence, Jen Bradley

Surface Float

Highland Dance

Alotte, Magen Hamilton

JGEL Moments, Melissa

Tim Hortons (Gateway Drive, Oromocto)

To Our Members

We would also like to thank our members, and acknowledge all the time, energy, and hard work they put into making YSSR possible. All of our members are volunteers, and many are also full-time essential workers, such as teachers and health care professionals, who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since it began. Our members are dedicated to giving their best to our team and to our community in any way they can and their spark drives YSSR to be a collective of passionate, caring individuals who want to make the world a better, safer place.

Upcoming Projects

In 2022, we look forward to expanding the efforts we've been working on in 2020 and 2021. We already have lots of great fundraising and community events in the works, so keep an eye on our website and social media. We have some exciting training opportunities planned that will give our members tools to be even more effective in the field. We will continue to help keep our most vulnerable safe through Project Lifesaver, and keep our most adventurous safe through AdventureSmart educational programs.

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And, as always, we’ll be ready to activate – in rain, snow, or heatwave in the forest, the city streets, and on the river shores – at 3am, in the middle of the work day, and even on Christmas – we’ll be ready to do our best to bring your lost loved one home safely.